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The More Canada Report
This report documents the decline in awareness and reading of Canadian-authored books in English Canada over the past 15 years, and offers an analysis of the causes of the decline. The report focuses on key channels of distribution and awareness: independent bookstores, public libraries, school classrooms and libraries, university classrooms, libraries and bookstores, and CBC Radio and CBC Digital. It presents 68 recommendations for action to address this issue involving all components of book publishing and distribution, as well as federal, provincial and municipal governments.

The report is based on the discussions of 29 book professionals who came together in a volunteer think tank in late 2017-18, and on research on book readers and book buying in Canada. It was written by the think tank steering committee: Philip Cercone of McGill-Queens University Press, James Lorimer of Lorimer and Formac Publishing, and Jeff Miller of Irwin Law.


More Canada Research Documents Volume 1
This volume draws together research documents and studies dealing with book reading and book buying in English Canada, the role of independent bookstores and bookstores generally in awareness and access to books and Canadian books, and the role of public and school libraries in awareness and access to Canadian-authored books. The 34 chapters are extracts from major studies or the full texts of important reports from 1983 to 2016.


More Canada Research Documents Volume 2
This volume draws together research documents and studies focusing on CBC Radio and CBC Digital and their role in creating awareness of Canadian-authored books. The documents provide context on the relative importance of different sources of awareness of books.

Also included is research material relating to the presence of Canadian materials in Canadian universities and colleges. The focus is on libraries.

There is also supplementary material on public library collection policies.

This volume presents extracts or the full texts of 21 research documents and reports.


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